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Household packaging recyclability

To understand

A packaging is recyclable when it can be separated in the waste stream (in particular with the sorting guidelines) then collected, treated and re-used as new raw material or products.

To assess

To assess more precisely the recyclability of your packaging, visit the TREE home page and do the test !

Your packaging will not be recycled
Your packaging will not be recycled - Penalty system will be applied
Your packaging is not mainly recycled, it can disrupt the recycling of other packaging and penalty system might be applied according to the contribution rate table of Eco-Emballages/Adelphe.
Your packaging is recyclable


According to the ISO Standard 14021, which specifies the requirements for self-declared environmental claims, "Recyclable" can be used on household packaging when:

  • Collecting and sorting systems to transfer materials to recycling facility exist
  • Sorting facilities are available to treat collecting materials
  • The product so-called "recyclable" is effectively collected and recycled

When packaging is recyclable, Möbius strip can be used to inform on the recyclable characteristics

In this case, no percentage has to be added on the center of the ring

Not to confuse
The Möbius strip with a percentage on it center does not mean "recyclable" but refers to the recycled content of the product

The Möbius strip, as shown, could be used on a packaging whith 50% content of recycled material